Monday, April 14, 2014

Should Maintenance of Certification be repealed? from Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE)

Please join me in following the active discussion on how to stop MOC at:

To effectively fight MOC and MOL:
I suggest joining your LARGEST state medical organization and push for/with them to run against MOC by pushing for legislation at the STATE level where NO medical organization is earning off the MOC! They also have YOUR dues, an active legal and lobbyist organization and opportunity to educate YOUR WORKING colleagues to oppose the national extortion. Join the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons as the only national organization actively opposing MOC and with a lawsuit in NJ-See: also for information and join us at: and work to educate everyone about the extortion!
Monitor activley YOUR state medical board and intrusions by the FSMB (MOL originators) who wish to couple your license to MOC for THEIR profits.
Corporate golden rule: He with the gold rules!
At any rate-everyone who knows about this extortion scheme needs to actively oppose it in medical societies, move to change hospital bylaws to require "demonstration of prior certification" vs active certification or MOC active participation-BECAUSE the ABIM and ABMS are forcing all boards to follow their plans to Bait and $witch traditional lifelong certificaiton in to "Requrieing MOC". MOve to state legislators to STOP the CMS and federal PQRS-MOC incentive due to fine doctors who do NOT participate starting next year 1.5-2% of all CMS payments-the ABMS lobbied congress to get this law passed to create the regulatory capture necessary to make MOC Manditory and still espouse that it is "voluntary". See:
for an orientation of the reality or if you like video, see:

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