Thursday, April 3, 2014

Call Time-out for the ABIM MOC Mandate John Mandrola-another Cardiologist weighs in on Medscape!

A strong argument can be made that the biggest story from theAmerican College of Cardiology 2014 Scientific Sessionswas the contentious debate concerning the quasi mandate to enroll in the American Board of Internal Medicine(ABIM) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process. Managing editor of heartwire Shelley Wood, covered this issue in a report aptly titled: "Today Is the Day: Cardiologists, Did You Register for MOC?"
I've been trying to put together my thoughts on this one for a while. My good friend and colleague, Dr Wes Fisher (Chicago, IL), has led the opposition to mandating MOC testing. Wes's blog and Twitter feed hold a trove of reasons for his opposition. As for me, I needed a nudge to start writing on this contentious topic.
My inertia ended when reading the hubris evident in the words of two doctors Wood interviewed for her piece....  Doctors are taught to be skeptical of evidence. Here, there is simply no evidence to judge. We can't know whether this brand of medical education achieves improved patient outcomes. 


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