Sunday, April 13, 2014

Instructing the new Chair of the Board of Regents on representing the membership and not the ABIM

Becoming Chair of the Board of Regents of the ACP

by RCENTOR on APRIL 12, 2014
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Please take the time to read this postion of the new chairman and take the time to add a comment or two to instruct him that indeed, there is a real need to abandon the ABIM as a physician adverse organization!
It is the job of the ACP to represent the physician membership against ALL political, corporate and regulatory capture and compromise. The ABIM is the leader in the MOC proposition under C Cassel MD for DECADES. In 1974 the first attempt at voluntary recertification was “offered” and in 1986 “ABIM concludes voluntary recertification is a failure; adopts prospective time-limited certification”-which was published in the ACP’s very own journal at: Ann Intern Med. 2000;133:202-208.
It is time for the ACP leadership to RENOUNCE MOC and MOL for the unqualified extortion schemes and Regulatory Capture they are. They produce nothing-specifically NO QUALITY! It is time to take action to protect patients AND this profession from being controlled by politicians and corporate dictates to facilitate the transfer of medical care to the lesser educated Nurses, PAs and Pharmacists who would love to practice medicine after a shoestring education by rote mechanisms of “guidelines” fitting the patient to the plan and not the plan to the patient. The ACP leadership OWES society and members at the minimum this much-not just issue #5! - See more at:

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