Saturday, April 26, 2014

MOC Deadline Looms Anew, as Resistance Mushrooms

PHILADELPHIA, PA (updated) — With just a few more days to register for their "maintenance of certification" (MOC), almost 9000 physicians have signed on to a cardiologist-led petitiondemanding that the American Board of Internal Medicine(ABIM) recall the changes it made this year to the MOC process.
After April 30, as previously reported by heartwire , the ABIM will begin publicly reporting that physicians who are not registered are "not meeting MOC requirements."
The petition, created by Dr Paul Teirstein (Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA) on March 10, gathered 200 signatures in the first day, and support has mushroomed.
"The changes in the MOC requirements have upset a large number of cardiologists," Teirstein told heartwire . "It seems that pretty much everyone I speak with is against these changes, and the main arguments against the changes I received are that they don't create value for physician—ie, they do not have significant educational value—and they take considerable time and increased expense."


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