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More NONSENSE from the ABIM and Choosing Wisely

The Necessity of Stewardship

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This post was written by Dr. John Benson, Jr., President Emeritus, American Board of Internal Medicine and ABIM Foundation,

And of course the ABIM is THE steward and collects the money from MOC!!
My reply:
It is time for everyone to realize that The federal Government, patients, pharmacy and the ancillary industries including hospital administrations that follow the government mandates are wasting the largest amount of money-not doctors. The ABMS/ABIM is expanding the $400 million empire, forcing EVERY physician to consume their unnecessary products, duplicating the jobs of multiple oversight agencies that are actually mandated to have the objective to regulate medicine. As Board Certification itself has never been demonstrated to do anything to improve care, MOC is just another extention of that same failed program of “advertisement” of unproven competency. This competency does NOT matter in today’s world where Hospital administrators, government employees, patient’s “satisfaction scales” and other idiotic mechanisms including”certification extortion scams” are allowing non-physicians to practice medicine even outside the scope of state medical boards.
The Choosing Wisely program espouses discarding “wasteful testing” while the parent ABIM is forcing the most wasteful testing: MOC- which causes every one to be tested and we know that less than 0.005% of all physicians were ever challenged as incompetent-but this means “as competent as a NP or Midwife! EMR as ONE example has added a whole new industry with 5 year renewal cycles to buy replacement computers and software onto the back of healthcare-this does NOT save money! It does help IBM and Microsoft though!

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