Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lance Talmage MD found guilty of ethics violation on SMBO

SEE today's Columbus Dispatch article entitled: 

Medical-board ethics cases see ex-member cited, ex-director cleared

I have written this following letter to Senator Patton,  who was instrumental in this investigation.  I would hope the OSMA and other individual physicians might contact his office and thank him similarly and to prevent reappointment of Dr Talmage,  who may still try to be reappointed to the SMBO and to the further detriment of Ohio Physicians and medicine via FSMB membership and leadership.

Dear Senator  Patton: I wanted to personally thank you for your significant work in bringing Dr Talmage's conflicts to bear. He is currently not listed as a State Medical Board Member, but I cannot be sure that he is not "in the running" to reappear after 15 years on the State medical Board. As he to date refuses to admit to his wrongdoing (see article from Columbus Dispatch at:
)Former medical board director cleared in ethics case
Former medical board director cleared in ethics case
A state medical board member was nicked but the ousted former executive director cleared today in a joint conflicts-of-interest investigation by...
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 Text:"Dr. Lance Talmage, whose term expired on Saturday, improperly received payment from the medical board while at the same time getting a stipend from the Federation of State Medical Boards for serving as that group's board chairman, which paid $64,000 a year. The Ethics Commission reached a settlement with Talmage, a Toledo gynecologist, who reimbursed the state board $4,894.56 in March for per diems.
The commission found the doctor violated a state law saying, "No public official or employee shall solicit or accept anything of value that is of such character as to manifest a substantial and improper influence upon the public official or employee with respect to that person's duties." Talmage acknowledged the facts but refused to admit wrongdoing."
I would hope you might contact the Governor and recommend he NOT be reappointed under any circumstances.  Again MANY thanks to you for your significant work in this matter and in the interests of the population of OHIO!

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