Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maintenance of Marriage (MOM)-now a little lighter MOC

Thinking about starting a new business. With the institution of marriage failing, it is time for some group to take action to save couples from themselves. We know that when a marriage certificate is issued, it is valid for life, with no requirement for recertification or continuing marriage education. Sadly, it is generally accepted that roughly half of marriage certificates fail. The reasons for this are multiple, but couples all too often neglect to remain current with the successful marriage literature and procedures. My company will be named The American Board of Marriage Sustainability (ABMS). Dues will, of course, be required. In addition, annual testing (for an additional fee) and proof of Continuing Marriage Education (CME) will be required of all participants so that they can be labelled as having completed the reuirements for maintenance of marriage (MOM). If reqirements are not met, the marriage certificate would not be revoked, but rather be reclassified as having not met MOM. Qualifying credits could be obtained by attending expensive, boring, and non-informative courses at near-exotic locations, all at additional financial gain for ABMS. As CEO of this righteous and moral company, I would be entitled to an exhorbitant salary but would keep administrative expenses to less than 20%. The remainder could be distributed to advisory board Sermo members with full transparency of the excessive ill-gotten gains assured. By way of full disclosure, I should mention that I am currently unmarried. Revolt via hashtag is not anticipated, for few would be willing to be # anti-MOM. Anyone care to join me in this venture?

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