Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This title ran at the AMA website and is completely false:

kmpnpm wrote:
There is NO body of evidence to support MOC, as this is continually changing under the pressures of the ABIM to extort physicians into compliance with their monopoly. The quoted Journal supplement was published after the ABMS paid between $35-50K to finance that supplement-this was nothing more than corporate paid advertisement under the guise of "science". The only near objective paper in that supplement was authored by the editorial staff and clearly questioned the validity and utility of MOC. Even BOasrd Certification has NEVER been validated as a mechanism to improve care. MOC is a "bait and switch" tactic of the ABMS corporate program, which changed lifelong board certification into a temporary measure and now has become something one MUST YEARLY purchase to remain valid. I Urge every physician to simply let the ABMS certification "lapse". Board certified is PAST tense and having certified once is "certified". If physicians continue to act like sheep, they will be fleeced to the slaughter! The Canadian and UK programs are nothing like ABMS MOC, emulating the AMA's PRA-CME documentation of lifelong learning. There is NO need for the ABMS to assert that "we must do this to validate learning-before someone else-nonphysicians force us to". Every State Board is a group of physicians monitoring lifelong learning.It is time to abandon the ABMS's extortion program.
3/11/2014 6:55 PM CDT

drjefmd wrote:
Reading this article is like reading federal government propaganda; "The Department of the Treasury is working closely with the Federal Reserve to ensure that the inflation you BELIEVE you are experiencing isn't nearly as bad as the extremists claim." Both the AMA and the ABMS are benefactors of MOC monies. They create an obligatory program then sell the only "recommended" materials to help you pass. Seems perfectly fine...IF you are one of those who benefit from the newly increased revenue stream!
I have introduced language to our hospital bylaws committee to end recertification requirements. Despite what the AMA and ABMS say, it IS enormously costly and burdensome and I have found it not one iota more useful than a standard CME course, which I can choose all by myself, with no threat to my career if I don't choose what they think I should do.

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