Wednesday, March 12, 2014

American Board of Family Practice practices unethical publication and disclosure

This Self serving, funded study in the ABFP's very own "journal" was reported in the AAFP's Newsletter:
Data from a recently published study<span>(</span> conducted by the AAFP National Research Network (AAFP NRN) suggest that the American Board of Family Medicine Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians (ABFM MC-FP) program -- specifically, the self-assessment (Part II) and performance-in-practice (Part IV) modules -- have a positive influence on quality of care.
Talk about conflicts of interest-but none were declared-you need to read the article at:
to appreciate the paid advertising nature of this pseudoscience and attempt to self justify this certification program and MOC. 
And of course the BEST part of that article is this printed at the bottom ogf the first page:"Conflict of interest: none declared."
These people publish non-science as science,fund it, pay the writers, publish in their very OWN "journal"where conflicting views will be SUPPRESSED and then do not have a conflict to declare. This is the next greatest area of attack against these boards-not just the fallicy of the MOC and BC, but the collusion, obfuscation and lies of the corporate organizations upon the publich at large.If any of you are members, please post my statements-I actually "registered" to be able to comment and when I tried, was unable BECAUSE I WAS NOT A MEMBER! Talk about self serving and closed realities
WHAT BULL$%!+!!!!!!

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