Saturday, July 25, 2015

peds BOARD now offering to do your own experimentation on patients-just like 1938 in Europe?

Please take note of this "Offer to Create your own QI project", highlighted in Red below.  The goal is to make EVERY patient a research subject solely for the "personal Gain" of MOC compliance for every physician. And WHO is to say the changes will be for the better, especially when anyone can create the plan which suits THEM most, or if patients will suffer costs, complications and perhaps even increased doctor visits (and money into their pockets) to compensate them for the extra costs they incur to do this stuff?
This is the IMPORTANT message your readers must screen their physicians-are they making them guinea pigs for personal profit???

I can also provide published reports in journals of these experiments without oversight review, should you have interest. 
Finally, remember THESE are CHILDREN used as subjects!
This only demonstrates that MOC and certification can be anything the corporation decides it should be-with little study or forethought-they are reacting to the opposition with license to ignore Nuremberg and Helsinki safety protocols.

Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 14:59:34 -0400
Subject: ABP to Pilot Completely Different Type of MOC Assessment

Dear Diplomate, 

With this month's blog I share with you the outcome of the ABP's Future of Testing Conference, which was the culmination of an extensive review of our MOC examination process. Please read my latest blog to learn how we will pilot a completely different type of MOC examination (MOC Part 3) that is also designed to catalyze learning. 

I would also like to emphasize the message from my last blog. We understand the difficulty that some diplomates have had in finding a QI activity that is relevant to their practice needs. The solution is to "Create Your Own QI Project."  The videodescribes a very straightforward process whereby you and others in your QI team (including up to 10 diplomates) receive Part 4 QI credit for any QI project you create relevant to your own work. You will need to answer seven standard QI questions, upload a run chart (or control chart), and attest to meaningful participation of the other members of your team seeking credit.  

The ABP is grateful for all the constructive feedback we have received and remains committed to its mission and its own quality improvement efforts.  

I wish all of you a pleasant summer. 


David G. Nichols, MD, MBA 
President and CEO 
American Board of Pediatrics

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