Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Academic Medicine will not publish ANTI MOC letter-or even respond to the allegations-making ethical guidelines a joke!

I submitted this and it was rejected-the Academics/MOC carpetbaggers have the journals to themselves...and they like it that way. For instance (an you be the judge):
ABMS Commentary, free advertisement or “publishing-ethical violation”?

Recently, the outspoken resistance of practicing physicians to the American Board of Medical Specialty’s (ABMS)
Maintenance of Certification programs has exploded. The number of commentary articles published by the ABMS
in medical journals, espousing the importance of their own proprietary products and value to society, has also
exploded. These articles are typically written by highly paid executives of the industry,read as unpaid
advertisements of the “home office” and typically fail to present clear disclosure of the inherent corporate ethical conflicts explaining the clear supportive message for MOC. Indeed, to imagine that CEOs and senior vice presidents could be expected to not be protagonists of that corporate proprietary mission, is inconceivable to me. Yet these articles presenting very opinionated “commentary”, continue to find free publication reflecting validation in medical journals. Disclaimers declaring “advertisement” would be more warranted. Furthermore, these following statements:
Funding/Support: No external sources of funding.
Other disclosures: None reported.
Ethical approval: Reported as not applicable.
Contradict rational facts and serve only to obfuscate the inherent corporate advertising clearly identified. The message acclaims MOC, Certification and all aspects of the ABMS well beyond anything demonstrated in outcome based studies from independent researchers.(1) One author, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the ABFP and the EXECUTIVE EDITOR of JABFM, who earned over $600,000 per
IRS documentation, while stating: “Conflict of interest: none declared” in that journal.
This text is speculative of many possible opportunities, should these ABMS be supported. The fact is, that ABMS
certification has never been documented to matter, in spite of over 5 decades of corporate attempts. Increasingly, the
physician population is exposing the corporate tactics of regulatory capture and distancing themselves from ABMS
“products”. It is time for the editorial boards of all journals to stop providing free advertisements to ABMS
  corporations to sell themselves to the public and physicians. They have corporate journals for such free access. How do editorial boards allow free advertisements without providing “equal time” for opposing viewpoints? Should these ads even be published, including disclosure that indicates “Paid authorship by the ABMS corporate executives”?
Where are the ethics of journal editors and why is the one sided free advertisement of this select corporate entity
Anyone wishing a copy of these articles should contact me off list.

Peterson LE, Carek P, Holmboe ES, Puffer JC, Warm EJ and Phillips RL: Medical Specialty Boards Can Help
Measure Graduate Medical Education Outcomes. Acad Med. 2014;89:840–842.

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